The Truth As Told By PALECO

There is no need for a coal-fired power plant in Palawan.

Right after the No To Coal Rally in Puerto Princesa City on November 28, 2013, the protesters proceeded to the Office of Palawan Electric Cooperative (PALECO). 

Here's a firsthand account of what transpired in PALECO as narrated by Mr. Tom Kutat, one of the Aborlan-based leaders of those opposed to the establishment of the coal-fired power plant:

"Wala ang PALECO General Manager, no'ng pumunta kami sa Paleco Office, buti at nakumbinsi namin ang naroong supervisor at spokeswoman na magpaliwanag. Hindi nila pweding sagutin ang issue sa legality ng PSA, Manager at Board lang ang may say doon. We asked the present status ng Paleco; sa weekly monitor nila, ilang makina ang under preventive maintenance, kaya 46MW lang ang total available power supply ng Paleco, mula sa tatlong supplyer, PPGI, DELTA P, at DMCI, ngunit ang Peak Load sa linggong ito ay 28MW lang, may 18MW na sobra. So bakit may BROWNOUT pa, ayon sa paliwanag nila, may problema pa sa SUBSTATION ng Narra, kayang-kaya supply-an ng Paleco Puerto ang kakulangan sa power supply ng Narra Substation, ngunit may problema sa Narra Substation and/or sa Transmission Line, hindi na sya nag-elaborate. Nagkakaroon ng Load Shedding sa Aborlan, Quezon at Inagawan dahil under preventive maintenance ang isang makina sa Narra Substation. Kung ayos lahat ng makina, ilan ang total generating capacity ng Paleco, 54MW daw. Question; Kung maitayo ang Coal Plant sa Aborlan, ilan na ang magiging total generating capacity ng Paleco? Parehas pa rin, 54MW pa rin, dahil ang PSA ng Paleco at DMCI ay 25MW lang, may 25MW Diesel Generators na ang DMCI sa Irawan, kaya na-comply na nila ang PSA. Gusto nila magtayo ng Coal Plant sa Aborlan para mixed ang kanilang supply sa Paleco, at bababa daw ng kaunti ang singil sa kuryente. With this mga kasama, makikita natin, na kahit hindi na magtayo ng Coal Plant sa Aborlan, na-comply na ng DMCI ang kanilang kontrata."

Let me translate this narration in English: 

The PALECO General Manager was not in her office when we arrived but it's good, we were able to convince the supervisor and spokeswoman to explain.

They cannot answer on the issue on the legality of PSA; it's only the Manager and the Board of Directors who are authorized to speak on the matter.

We asked about the present status of PALECO.

Based on their weekly monitor, some generators are under preventive maintenance and so the total available power supply from PALECO is only 46MW from the three suppliers, namely, PPGI, DELTA P, and DMCI. But the peak load this week is only 28MW, so there is an excess of 18MW.

So why are we still having brownouts?

According to their explanation, there is a problem with Narra Substation. PALECO Puerto Princesa City can very well supply the power deficiency in Narra Substation but there are problems with Narra Substation and/or transmission line. They did not elaborate further.

There was load shedding in Aborlan, Quezon, and Inagawan because one of the generators in Narra Substation is under preventive maintenance.

If all engines are working, what would be the total generating capacity of PALECO?

54 MW.

Question: If the coal plant in Aborlan will be constructed and becomes operational, what would be the total generating capacity of PALECO?

It would be the same, still 54 MW, because the PSA of PALECO and DMCI is only 25MW. DMCI  has an existing 25MW Diesel Generators in Irawan so they have already met the PSA. They want to construct a coal plant in Aborlan so they will have mixed supply to PALECO and thus lower the cost of electricity a little.

With this, my colleagues, we see that even without the coal plant in Aborlan, DMCI has already complied their contract with PALECO."

Watch this video courtesy of Ms. Marlene Jagmis for the actual explanation of the PALECO spokesperson:

So you see, there is no need for a coal-fired power plant in Palawan. The more that we must say NO TO COAL IN PALAWAN!


  1. Manlolokong PALECO! Bibigyan lang nila ng pagkakakitaan ang DMCI habang sinisira nito ang kalikasan ng Palawan! Wag po tayong pumayag sa gusto nitong mga taong nasa likod ng planong ito! Tama na ang panloloko! No to coal tayo!!!

    1. You guys are living in the caves!!! Coal is the only way to progress for Palawan and is inevitable. 1st world countries have been benefiting from coal plants for 60 years or longer and look how far advanced they are. Good if they want to get off coal, easy for them to make a turn round and keep us in the dark ages.

      Those who are against Coal are typically foreigners and foreign governments who want to hinder their citizens from escaping to Palawan and finding a better life. They have no business stunting the progress of Palawan.

      GO COAL GO!!!!

    2. May I edit your post?

      You guys are living in paradise! Coal is not suitable for Palawan and should be rejected. First world countries have been closing down their coal plants or are no longer financing coal plants from now on. Look how polluted their environments are. Good, they want to get off coal, easy for them to make a turn around and save their environment.

      Those who are pro-Coal are typically people who do not want foreigners and local tourists to come to Palawan and find a better life. They have no business destroying the beauty of Palawan.