The Proposed Site For Coal Plant Is Flood-Prone

Atty. Jaime J. warns about a neglected fact: the area where the coal plant will be constructed is a flood-prone area.

My fellow Palaweños I was looking at the geohazard map of possible flooding in Aborlan from the Mines and Geosciences Bureau. Among the towns in Palawan, I'm worried about Aborlan and Narra the most. You can see that there's a big red zone in the shores of Aborlan near San Juan, the proposed site of the DMCI Coal Fired Power Plant, and you will see that the entire island of Rasa in Narra, the former site of the proposed DMCI Coal Fired Power Plant, is also in red zone. This means that there's big possibility of flooding in this areas. This is comparable to the tidal waves in Furushima, Japan which decommissioned some of their nuclear power plants and polluted the sea with nuclear waste. 

In the mountains of Aborlan and Narra there's lot of red zones which means that there's big possibility of landslides near Aporawan where there's an abandoned mine site of San Miguel Corporation or the Sorianos. In the news today, allegedly the cause of the leptospirosis epidemic in Olongapo City was caused by an abandoned mine pit inhabited by rats.

I hope DMCI consulted the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Geohazard Maps in arriving at its decision to construct the Coal Fired Power Plant in San Juan, Aborlan.  I hope this will help us in arriving at a better judgment and for DMCI to look for other options. Thank you!

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