A Palaweno Reacts To Vice Governor

This post is Tom K.'s weighted reaction to Vice Governor Dennis Socrates' remarks on the approval of Coal Plant in Aborlan originally posted by Gabriel M. Tom K. is a resident of Aborlan, Palawan)

Honorable Vice Governor Dennis Socrates, 

Are those really your words, or you're just made to read it?

It does not present any ETHICAL DILEMMA nor it involves any VIOLATION OF THE MORAL LAW? For your information, not a single resident of San Juan raised a hand in favor of this coal plant during the 3 public hearings conducted by the ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITTEE of the SANGGUNIANG BAYAN,, the same committee who acted on the PETITION of the GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF SAN JUAN to REPEAL the ENDORSEMENT OF THE BARANGANY COUNCIL.. IS THE SANGGUNIANG BAYAN OF ABORLAN COMPOSED ONLY OF ONE COMMITTEE? 

You claimed 60% of the power supply in Luzon comes from coal-fired power plants, whereas Malampaya claims to supply 40% of Luzon’s power needs..So where do the HYDROPOWER PLANTS of Luzon and the GEOTHERMAL PLANT of Tiwi supply their power? 

You mentioned the thousands of households that are still in the dark ages; DMCI will never connect these households to their Coal Plant.. It is the responsibility of PALECO, while the real problem is, POLITICAL WILL, which is VERY LONG OVERDUE.

Our beloved Governor garnered an avalanche of votes in the May 2013 election; You knew pretty well how he won, the people knew very well how he won.

Precisely 80% of PALAWEĂ‘OS are living below the poverty line, i’ve heard this long ago in the 2004 campaign of Ex Governor Joel Reyes,,, THE SAME LINES OF PROMISES...

You should have waited and studied it for another 9 months,,, then and only then you can call the SANGGUNIANG PANLALALAWIGAN AN AUGUST BODY

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