Generation Cost of Coal Fuel Combo: Coal Is Most Expensive!

How does coal compare with other power supply options? 

Coal mixed with other fuels is the MOST EXPENSIVE in terms of generation cost, yet, it is the preferred power source by the Palawan Provincial Government. 

If not coal, what then? Go for renewable energy.

Renewable Energy Projects in Palawan

Secretary Petilla has identified renewable energy projects in Palawan. Note that there are five potential hydro power plants in San Vicente but there are no takers yet (yellow in the picture below). 

Aborlan is not named in the map despite the potential hydro power source in Talakaigan.

Recommendations of DOE Secretary

Here are the recommendations of Sec. Petilla regarding renewable energy in Palawan. 

In the recent energy summit in Palawan, one of the measures adopted to resolve the power problems in the province is the "adoption of the Palawan Power Situationer and Outlook that was presented by Department of Energy Sec. Carlos Jericho Petilla." 

Any action to push the coal-fired power plant in Palawan is not consistent with the findings, conclusions, and recommendations made by DOE Secretary Petilla.

Every Palaweno should realize that there are better and cheaper options other than coal. Let us not be fooled into thinking that coal is the only option! 

Source of images: Petilla, J.C. 2014. Palawan Power Situationer & Outlook. Paper presented during the Palawan Energy Summit, 24 January 2014, Puerto Princesa City.


  1. Thank you dito. Madami dami din palang alternatibo. Si Governor JCA matigas lang talaga ang ulo. Kunyari pro-environment, hindi naman pala! Wag na tayo magpapaloko! Tama na! NOTOCOAL TAYO!

  2. You guys are living in the caves!!! Coal is the only way to progress for Palawan and is inevitable. 1st world countries have been benefiting from coal plants for 60 years or longer and look how far advanced they are. Good if they want to get off coal, easy for them to make a turn round and keep us in the dark ages.

    Those who are against Coal are typically foreigners and foreign governments who want to hinder their citizens from escaping to Palawan and finding a better life. They have no business stunting the progress of Palawan.

    GO COAL GO!!!!

  3. So why isn't anyone building a Diesel / Biomass / Hydro plant? Answer: It's not feasible! Build the damn coal plant.